Welcome to the Red Branch website. Red Branch was founded by a group of friends on February 13th,  2008. Since that time, we have grown from a small guild struggling to field 5-man heroics to a solid raiding guild with the ability to maintain consistent progress without the fifteen or more hours per week of raiding demanded by many guilds. We make every effort to uphold a consistent raiding schedule each week that people can plan for and around.

A couple of reasons we have been around so long and been able to accomplish what we have as a guild has been the level of maturity we have as members, and the respect we show to each other. If your looking for a home here are some of the things we expect from our members:

 -Be a student of your class. Strive to know everything you can about the class or spec you play. This means gear, gems, enchantments, dps priorities, etc. We pride ourselves on achieving our goals in a small amount of time and doing so with skill as opposed to brute force and long hours.

 -Be good citizens and guild mates. We have no tolerance for trolls, loot-whores, drama queens (or kings). If you are looking for a fun place to hang out and troll trade, keep looking. We do not berate or belittle each other when mistakes are made. Instead, we try to provide an environment that gives each person their best chance to study, improve, and succeed. 

 -Be the best you can be. If you are expecting to be carried or are looking for a casual raiding experience, please look elsewhere. Most of us have a limited amount of time available, so we take our raiding seriously, even if our atmosphere might seem casual.

 If you think we might be the right fit for you, please feel free to look around, read our policies, and fill out our application.